At Oude Denneboom we focus on the creation of a biologically sound environment with minimum intervention. We see ourselves as custodians for the future and we have to leave the land in a better condition than when we took it over.

We passionately believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing well and today we're in an ideal position to do things in an eco-friendly way as we see the impact of our activities on our environment every day.

Dis lekker om te weet waarvoor jy staan want dit gee riglyne vir jou daaglikse doen en late. Ons gee om vir ons omgewing omdat ons 'n groot verantwoordelikheid teenoor ons nageslag het, maar dis ook lekker om in 'n mooi en gesonde omgewing te woon en te werk.


Our viticultural practices seek to maximize the expression of our terroir.

All our vines are trellised and only irrigated on a supplementary basis. Pruning during winter and suckering during summer are done by hand to ensure balanced growth on our vines with minimal interference. The warm days and cool nights allow our vineyards to gradually ripen all the different varietals. Just before harvest we remove unsuitable berries and bunches, leaving only the best grapes on the vines. All grapes are harvested by hand at optimum ripeness.

We believe in the power of terrior and we strive to produce wines which are not only a true expression of the varietal character, but also reflect our specific terroir.


In 1996 the first new clone vines were planted after extensive research by top viticulturists and soil experts confirmed that the terroir of Oude Denneboom, as well as the culture of attention to detail and dedication, was ideally suited for the production of wine grapes for exceptional wines.

Over the years Shiraz, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre were added with great success.

As the climate lent itself to the production of some top quality white wines as well, Viognier and Nouvelle were added in recent years. Most of the grapes are sold to commercial wineries, but as a boutique wine producer some of the best grapes of exceptional character are used to make our own wines.


Our winemaking is true boutique style. Special rows in specific vineyard blocks are identified and these vines get special attention.

Grapes are harvested at optimum ripeness for the specific style of wine that we want to make. The grapes are gently destalked and crushed while as many of the activities as possible are done by hand to ensure absolute attention to detail. Our winemaking philosophy is to allow the grapes, the terroir and the climate to express itself in our wines.

"The best wines can only be made from the best grapes."

A pricelist and tasting notes for current wines are available on request from the farm.

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